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Live Session: 2023 Marketing Predictions and How They Apply to Businesses and Personal Brands

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Undoubtedly, 2022 has hit marketing professionals, policymakers, and businesses differently.

A year identified as a recovery year was clamped down by uncertainties ranging from geopolitical tension to privacy policies, changes in customers’ purchasing habits, interest rates, supply shortages, layoffs, and economic depression. The global economy suffered setbacks and businesses struggled to maintain relevance.

However, amidst this something remarkable stood out for agile organisations, globally, and it is PLANNING.

Agile organisations research previous years’ experiences, actions, and inaction and predict their consequences to counsel organisation leaders. Hence, they have continued to grow and innovate within their spaces.

To affect change and have the upper hand, especially in this period of uncertainties, one must be equipped with the knowledge of past trends, predict future consequences, and take quality actions.

We cannot fold our arms to see 2023 unfold in its natural cause. As business owners, marketers, personal brands, and future leaders, we must seek to impact the changes in the world in our favour.

Google Trends and Hootsuite have released their predictions across their websites, but there are no predictions as great as a holistic approach.

Join our principal consultant, Kehinde Ruth Onasoga, this FRIDAY at 1 PM as she discusses 2023 Marketing Predictions and how they impact businesses, marketers, personal brands, and future leaders.

Remember, what differentiates an agile organisation from other organisations is its proactiveness.

Join us at 1 pm tomorrow, Friday, December 16th, 2022.

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