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Pandora Agency Ltd was founded in 2015. We are a deliberate and forward-thinking marketing communications agency. What sets us apart is our clear understanding of our client’s vision, from conceptualization and execution of ideas from start to finish.

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How we work together

You will receive a questionnaire to complete, then a 2-hour deep-dive strategy session to fully understand your goals, what you want to be known for as well as alignment of timelines.

Once the proposed strategy is developed and agreed upon. We will commence personal branding identity development. This will feed into your day-to-day communication style with your audience and community.

From your photoshoot, elevator pitch to conference talking points, biography profile to the visual design elements (logo, colours, fonts) to your brand voice, this is the
document that you (and any future marketing collaborators) can reference to ensure you stay on-brand.

Once you’ve had a chance to review our draft, we’ll meet to answer any questions about our choices and take your feedback on board before implementation.

Once a clear direction for your brand is determined, we will begin the development of content marketing materials. This usually starts with your social media pages, Wikipedia page, and website (an add-on service).

Additional content, as may be required, will be included after a month of A/B testing on what works effectively for your brand. This may include additional thought-leadership content (blog posts, vlogging, podcasting, videos, white papers, and so on).

A powerful visual narrative begins with how you look to an online audience. A photoshoot will be put together by the Pandora Agency team at any desired location globally.

A shoot plan will be shared in advance to ensure the desired outcome for the shoot is achieved.

You only need to show up, and our experienced team will put you at ease, styling, poses, and angled profiles by the team will help guide you every step of the way.

Although not mandatory, as there are many content platforms that can “house” any shared content.

We will help design and develop a website that will best represent your brand and the overall objective we seek to achieve. Every element of your brand blueprint and personal brand style guide will equally be leveraged as well as visuals from your shoot and speaking engagements.

This service is provided on a request basis. Leveraging your brand strategy, we will identify respectable media platforms for speaking engagements; this can be a local, global or regional platform across continents. All in line with your overall brand identity.

Speaking engagements opportunities will be identified, and your brand will be positioned to speak at events aligned with your brand and overall brand objectives.

To be a known brand and an authority figure will not happen overnight; it takes a well-thought-out strategy and a lot of commitment on your part.

A group is created, which helps facilitate the ease of communication between you and your assigned perception-building expert.

Client Case Study

Client Case Study

Azukaego Chukwuelue Kimberly-Clark Nigeria

Supply Chain Leader | Supply Chain Director

Azukaego Chukwuelue approached us with the express purpose of helping position her as an expert within the supply chain sector in Africa and showcased her other interests in leadership and women empowerment within gender-based roles.

To this end, we created a brand strategy bespoke to her brand for a period of 6 months. From the 3rd, the name Azukaego Chukwuelue and content about the supply chain sector began gaining ground on SERPs. Regional, local and International speaking engagements opened up a world of endless possibilities for this brand.

She now runs one of Africa’s foremost Supply Chain companies, Truss Ugavi, based in San Francisco and Lagos, Nigeria.

In her words, “Pandora Agency was a key partner in creating my personal brand. What worked particularly well was how data-oriented they were in driving continuous improvement.

I would recommend Pandora to anybody looking for a professional agency for digital marketing, brand building, and social media management.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at this time; we do not.

Although we will do the heavy lifting by conducting the required research and development of content for your brand, we will still require your input throughout the lifespan of this project to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of what is being created. But most importantly, to speak in your own voice.

Please set aside at least 210 minutes every week throughout the project.

Yes, we can. We encourage this greatly, particularly when required; this will, however, have to be scheduled well in advance to accommodate our intense schedule.

Listed add-on services include speaking engagements fees, media appearance fees, social media marketing, digital marketing budgets, and so on.

Such a great question; thank you for asking!

You’ll get the most out of your branding experience when you:

~ know what direction you want to head in before we start the branding process

~ and provide lots of detail upfront via the questionnaire provided and during your Brand Strategy Session.

~ keep to the project timeline, provide thorough and timely feedback at the designated points in the process, and communicate as much as possible.

~ trust our expertise – we understand that you may feel a bit nervous when putting yourself out there, especially for the first time. But be rest assured, you are in safe hands, and our recommendations for your brand are based on what we believe will serve you best in moving towards your goals.

No, personal branding as a service does not guarantee career, business, or financial outcomes.

Guaranteed results will happen over time when proposed strategies are diligently followed through, networking happens, following the right conversations, and showcasing the value you as a brand can share. The brand we build for you in this regard is a starting point.

We will build you a strong, reputable, unique brand and value proposition, aligning your expertise with your future goals.

Many of our past clients report that the branding process empowered them with clarity and confidence in articulating their value.

Yes, we provide this service.

Yes, we do. We are a full-service marketing agency.

Yes, we can, and it is usually highly recommended, especially for brands looking to scale and needs that external validation for investor relations.

We serve clients worldwide (and travel to them to conduct their photoshoots!), but we are based in Lagos, Nigeria, and San Francisco, California.

Yes, we can. We are a full-service marketing agency.

We provide an all-inclusive Personal Branding Service as described in full on this page. We do not invest time in generating proposals.

We understand the need to find that perfect fit in a branding partner. To support this, we offer an initial 30 minutes Discovery Call to answer any specific questions you have before making any commitment.

If we do decide to work together, we will provide you with a contract and the next steps.

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