PANDORA Thank you Message for 2022

A message from KRO, CEO & Founder, Pandora Agency

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Thank you for being a part of our 2022.


You are one of the assertive individuals who have entrusted ​PANDORA with their brand – and you are in excellent company.

This year, we welcomed game-changing sectors transforming the financial and technological landscape within the African market.

I asked the team at ​PANDORA what their 2022 highlights were. Here were their favorites:

  1. ​Branding global executives.’
  2. Financial inclusion via field activations for a fintech brand.
  3. A campaign promoting the adoption of the .ng domain name.
  4. The first-ever PANDORA exclusive mixer
  5. Globally recognized certifications within the company

​We have worked incredibly hard this year, and starting Friday 23​rd, we will be taking the rest of the year off.

For briefs already sent in, be assured that this will be completed.

We will go again from January 9th, 2023.


​From all of us at Pandora Agency, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Year 2023.​

Season's Greetings

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