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7 Hidden Strategies For Customer Loyalty Growth in 2024

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7 Hidden Strategies For Customer Loyalty Growth in 2024

While you may be familiar with strategies for boosting customer loyalty growth, there are hidden strategies that professionals use to ensure customers remain loyal for eternity. 

Recall how wonderful it felt to get a new client at last. It felt good, right? However, do you know that acquiring new customers costs businesses five times more than keeping existing ones? This means having your existing customers continue buying from you is easier than convincing someone new to buy from your brand. This is why you need to concentrate on keeping your current clientele happy.

Because your existing clientele already knows you, they most likely trust you, and they are more inclined to make another purchase from you. But that doesn’t mean they can’t slip away from you. With the amount of competition these days, how do you prevent them from getting drawn in by the newest, flashier product or brand?  

Good question, right?

Here are hidden strategies for customer loyalty growth to transform your existing customers into raving fans:

1. Community Cultivation

Remember when the corner store owner knew everyone’s name and you felt like you belonged to a lovely neighborhood? But in today’s online shopping world, interactions with brands might feel impersonal. That is where the necessity for community building arises. According to a study, 8 out of 10 buyers prefer to buy from a brand with a strong online community.  

We always yearn for connection. Your brand community can fill that space and provide people with a sense of belonging. These days, it’s more important to create an environment where customers can communicate, exchange stories, and feel appreciated than it is to simply sell products.

How then do you develop a community? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take Advantage of Online Forums: 

Create a subreddit, a Facebook group, or a dedicated forum on your website. Promote conversations about your products or services, market trends, or just plain interesting topics.

  • Organize Exclusive Events, Both Online and Offline: 

Consider webinars, in-person Q&A sessions with professionals in the field, or even online happy hours. This allows your customers to establish more intimate connections with your brand and with one another.

  • Select Unique Content: 

Give early access to specials and promotions, behind-the-scenes looks at your company’s culture, or sneak glances at new items. Give the people in your community the impression that they belong to a unique club.

2. Gamification of Loyalty

Remember the last time you got sucked into a mobile game, spending hours collecting resources and leveling up?  Yeah, that’s the power of gamification at play.  And guess what?  Research has shown that  80% of customers felt more engaged with a loyalty program incorporating gamification elements. 

Here’s the deal: adding game mechanics to your loyalty program can transform point collecting from a chore into an exciting adventure.

Here’s how you can gamify your loyalty program:

  • Award Points for Fun Activities

Don’t just hand out points for purchases. Provide points for leaving reviews, following you on social media, or taking part in community discussions. This fosters overall engagement rather than just spending.

  • Use leaderboards

Create a leaderboard where consumers can compete to see who can accumulate the most points. Provide special incentives for high performers, such as early access to deals or extra points.

  • Unlock Badges and Achievements

Go beyond points and provide badges for specific behaviors, such as introducing a friend or trying out a new product. These badges give a sense of pleasure and accomplishment, encouraging customers to continue connecting.

3. Surprise Your Customers

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a surprise! Especially when it comes to free stuff or unexpected treats.  When it comes to customer loyalty, surprising and delighting your customers is a surefire way to turn them into raving fans.

Think about it: studies found that  83% of customers are more likely to do business with a brand again after a positive surprise experience. A surprise doesn’t have to be a big deal.  It’s all about exceeding your client’s expectations and demonstrating that you actually care.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • The Free Upgrade

Upgrade a customer to free express delivery on their next order, or give them a gift on their purchase.

  • The Handwritten Thank You

In this digital age, a handwritten message may be a powerful surprise. Thank a customer for a recent purchase, a positive review, or simply for being a consistent customer. This personal touch has a significant impact.

  • The Early Access Club

Give your most devoted consumers first access to new product releases, early bird deals, and limited-edition items. This makes customers feel valuable and encourages them to return for more.

4. Predictive Personalization

Remember the strange feeling you get when you are swamped with advertising for something you casually mentioned to a friend? What about online recommendations that seem to have come directly from your mind?  

In today’s data-driven environment, you can use customer information to predict their needs and wants before they ever realize it.  According to one study, a staggering 73% of customers prefer doing business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant.

Predictive personalization is not about scaring your clients; it is about demonstrating that you understand them. It is about providing answers before they become problems and recommending things that people will enjoy.

So, how can you utilize the power of predictive personalization? Here are a few ways:

  • Leverage Purchase History

Analyze what your customers buy and recommend complementary products they might enjoy. For example, if someone buys a coffee maker, suggest to them some of your best-selling coffee beans.

  • Embrace the Power of Reviews

Look at what past customers are saying about your products. Use this data to identify common pain points and offer solutions through targeted promotions or educational content.

  • Get Smart with Special Days

Don’t just send generic birthday emails. Use purchase history and past interactions to personalize birthday offers, recommend products based on interests, or even send a thoughtful note highlighting a product they previously viewed.

5. Identify your brand advocates

Everyone knows how important word-of-mouth advertising is.  A suggestion from a reliable friend carries far more weight than any polished marketing campaign.  This is the role of your brand advocates: those devoted customers who write raving reviews for you online, promote you widely and generally act as walking billboards for your company.  

Here’s how you can show your appreciation for your brand advocates:

  • Put them in the spotlight

Highlight your advocates in marketing materials, on your website, and/or on social media. This gives them a sense of worth and appreciation and demonstrates to prospective buyers that actual people genuinely adore your company.

  • Create a Customised Expression of Appreciation

Never undervalue the impact of sending a personalized email or a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for their continued support. It’s a modest action that makes a big difference in the connection.

  • Special Benefits and Advantages

Give your advocates special treatment by offering them early access to sales, limited-edition merchandise, or invitations to private events. This provides them with even more motivation to support you since it demonstrates your appreciation for their allegiance.

6. Be Authentic

Consumers today demand authenticity. They want to engage with businesses that are authentic, relatable, and even vulnerable.

According to Stackla’s survey, 86% of consumers value authenticity when determining which brands to support. Furthermore, 60% of consumers choose honest content over polished or perfect content. Transparency is synonymous with vulnerability. By displaying your human side, you foster trust and deeper ties with your clients.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean giving up all of your business’s secrets. It’s about accepting your imperfections.  It’s about showcasing your accomplishments, taking responsibility for your errors, and even sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Are you prepared to let go of your corporate mask and accept vulnerability? If yes, check out these cool ideas that can help you become more authentic and connect with your clients on a deeper level: 

  • Expose the Faces Behind the Brand

Write blog posts or upload content featuring your staff on social media. Give your clients a glimpse of the actual people who run your business.

  • Recognize Your Errors and Your Learning Process

Did you mishandle a purchase? Express your heartfelt apologies to your consumers and let them know how hard you’re working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Acknowledging your errors fosters trust and demonstrates integrity.

  • Be Sincere on Social Media

Use social media for more than simply product pitches. Post amusing memes, images from product development behind the scenes, or even just solicit frank criticism from your clients. This creates a two-way dialogue and humanizes your brand.

7. Social Impact Partnership

Aligning with a social cause that your customers care about is an effective strategy to increase brand loyalty and have a good impact on the world. According to studies, customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that supports a good cause. Suddenly, doing good for the world may also benefit business!

Partnering with a charity helps you to appeal to your consumers’ desire to make a difference.  It demonstrates that you care about more than just the bottom line and are devoted to having a positive social influence.

Here’s how to align to a social cause that your customers care about:

  • Understand Your Customers

What subjects are your customers enthusiastic about? Conduct some research to uncover causes that resonate with your target audience.

  • Choose a Cause You Believe In

Authenticity is essential here. Partner with a cause that your business truly supports, not one that will look good on a marketing brochure.

  • Get creative with your partnership

Create a creative campaign that engages your customers. Offer to give a portion of the earnings from every transaction, or organise a fundraising event in which your customers can join.


So, there you have it!  Seven hidden strategies for consumer loyalty growth in 2024.  These techniques go above and beyond the typical points and rewards programs, from fostering a vibrant community to surprising and delighting customers.  Remember, it’s all about giving your consumers a great and memorable experience that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

By following these strategies, you will change your clients from satisfied customers into committed brand advocates, the type who rave about you to anybody who will listen.  

Still can’t figure out how to boost your customer loyalty, message us and we’ll help you set things in the right direction.

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