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PANDORA Internship Scheme Cohort 4 Ends In Success

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As the PANDORA Internship Scheme Cohort 4 comes to a close, we reflect on the achievements and successes of the program. This comprehensive three-month internship scheme has provided young talent with practical experience, mentorship, networking opportunities, and exposure to the latest industry trends and technologies.

During this cohort, interns had the opportunity to work on real projects, gain hands-on experience in various aspects of the marketing and advertising industry, and receive guidance from experienced professionals serving as mentors. The program has also provided opportunities for interns to connect with industry professionals and build their professional networks.

The impact of the program on the interns has been significant, with the interns reporting improved confidence and expertise in furthering a profession in the marketing and advertising industry. The program has also allowed Pandora Agency to identify and recruit the best intern for future employment opportunities, contribute to innovation and productivity, and bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the agency.

As we bid farewell to the PANDORA Internship Scheme Cohort 4, we recognize the program’s success and its positive impact on both the interns and the agency. The PANDORA Internship Scheme continues to set an excellent example for other organisations to follow as they seek to attract and retain top talent in their respective industries. We look forward to the next cohort of interns and the continued growth and development of young talent in the marketing and advertising industry.


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