From a Trickle to almost a Thousand Lead

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A Case Study

A short Lead Generation story of how one merchant secured over a thousand leads in 4-weeks in partnership with PANDORA


Indicina provides technology solutions to empower businesses to offer credit to customers faster, more secured and at scale. Indicina is not a lender and does not offer loans to customers. Our partner envisions a world where every individual could have access to loans from anywhere while enhancing lenders with identity verification, credit decision, disbursements, monitoring and collections, and thus began the crusade of building Africa’s digital credit infrastructure.

 In 2020, Indicina raised $100,000 in capital, got a six-figure round from investors in Africa, and processed loans from 22,000 customers.

In May, Indicina and PANDORA Agency got into a partnership to provide strategic marketing and communication services for merchants under the Indicina platform.


Drive lead generation traffic from predetermined marketing platforms to Indicina merchant loan platforms. 

Cue in Company B, a digital financial institution launched in 2016, that provides loans, savings and investment services.


And so a 4-week test campaign began with Company B, within a defined budget. We leveraged programmatic advertising alongside search engine marketing favourite avenues and select social media platforms. Though one platform we eagerly looked forward to learning certain adoption patterns was shut down by “powers that be” before we got the chance to, at the end of the 4-week campaign, we generated almost a thousand leads with almost 100 qualifying for loans within 6 hours of application on the Indicina digital loan platform.


For us at PANDORA Agency, what was most exciting about this campaign were the learnings. One of which was, this was the very first lead generation campaign that had us go in “blind” with no form of tracking, re-targeting and remarketing. And being that measurement drives us, this was a tremendous deal for us. Our method of evaluating results and progress of our campaigns weekly helped us somewhat in overcoming certain challenges we would have most definitely faced if we had not done that.

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