ZirooPay Making Payments Painless

 The premier point-of-sale (POS) in Nigeria that works with and without an internet connection.


Brand Story

Between 2018 and 2021, ZIROOPAY, a Helsinki-based company, was introduced into the Nigerian market to change the narrative of Nigerian retailers and business owners from 25-50% transaction success rates to 95% transaction success rates through its point-of-sales. 

ZIROOPAY is the first POS in Nigeria that operates anywhere, even in areas with poor internet connection. However, despite the excellent product model, the brand was confined to a circle in Lagos for the three years after its introduction. 


The Brief

IroFit Technologies, the parent company for ZIROOPAY, reached out to us at PANDORA Agency in July 2021 for a holistic marketing framework to grow ZIROOPAY POS uptake by merchants and retailers by 10x in 2022 and expand into new sectors (beyond micro and small businesses) and geographies (beyond Lagos) within the country.


Excecution & Results

We at PANDORA Agency internalised the brand story, establishing the brand pain points and potentials through questionnaires, focused groups, and product benefits sampling. We reviewed the ZIROOPAY point-of-sales competitors in the Nigerian market and established the brand’s unique selling propositions. These are pivotal in our propositions for the brand – brand development, media features, social media management, and field marketing.

In less than 5 months, we have increased the awareness and acceptance level of the ZIROOPAY brand, targeting SMEs processing NGN 5 Million per month and retailers processing NGN 1 Million monthly.

Transaction volumes on the point of sales begin to increase in Q3, leading up to Q4, which is the best quarter of the year.