Unity Bank PLC

Insights – Unity Bank has maintained PANDORA Agency as its digital marketing partner for two years. PANDORA Agency was enlisted for the Global Money Week, Mother’s Day Campaign (Mama Na Yanga Promo) and Father’s Day Campaign, amongst others.

In executing these campaigns, PANDORA Agency carried out communication and advisory roles, media partner and influencers on boarding roles.

The Unity Bank signed on sola Sobowale a.k.a “ Toyin Tomato,” a.k.a “King of Boys,” as its Brand Ambassador in December, and Mummydolarz to push its YANGA account and Mother’s day campaign.

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The Mama Na Yanga campaign enjoyed massive support and engagement from people of different backgrounds, both mothers and children, as it enabled them to identify their mothers and themselves as a Yanga woman.

A YANGA woman is resilient, strong, extraordinary, selfless, caring, loving, smart, business-oriented, your real-life superhero.

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